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The fantastical illustrations you see on the box and cans are characters from our favorite anime project, click here to learn more about it. Each flavor shows a transformation into their spirit form. Even our cherub has transformed into a spirit bean.

While #5657 and #2480 were roaming the island jungle they came across a glowing box of seltzer beneath the palm trees. As they approached their cherub pal opened the box and 4 cans of Nectar Hard Seltzer popped out.

Curious of the mysterious, glowing drinks, they reached forward with tremblings hand and grabbed a can… With one gulp they all began to float off the ground and morph into their true spirit forms: #4558 and #8227. Looking down they realize the box had also transformed, now revealing two new fantasy flavors of seltzer. Perfect island blends of rare fruit flavors…



Let us explain in this video

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