Passionfruit Orange Guava

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A tropical, slightly citrus, blend of fruits that will take your tastebuds to the Hawaiian islands.

  • Asian Pear - The ultimate thirst quencher. Mild + Crisp
  • Mandarin - A tiny orange with a sweeter “personality”. Sweet + Citrus
  • Lychee - It’s like laying on a white-sand beach in Indonesia. Floral, Sweet + Juicy
  • Yuzu - Imagine a lemon and grapefruit on a tandem bike. Tart, Fragrant + Citrus



Due to archaic laws in the adult drink industry, the only way we are allowed to ship Nectar to 45-states is from New York. That means once we make Nectar, we pay to get it shipped to our warehouse in LA, load it up onto a truck, pay to have it transported it all the way across the country to NY to a 3rd party company. From there, we pay that team to handle all the shipping and fulfillment to get the drink to you.

As a small company with tight margins, we barely break even in this model. When alcohol shipping laws improve and whenever we improve our margins, we’ll always try to pass as much savings back to YOU!

Alcohol shipping laws in America are backwards BUT we have done everything in our power to make sure you can buy 하드Nectar!

Alcohol is costly to manufacture and ship due to the size and weight of each box.

If you look at the price of our drink compared to any other multi-million dollar drink brand, we are still competitive, if not better than a lot of the giants.

We are able to do this by taking any leftover margin and passing the savings down to you.

We make NO money off our e-commerce business. We just want loyal supporters across the country to be able to drink Nectar!

As we grow, once alcohol shipping laws improve, we will always work to pass more savings down to you!

I totally understand if this current price is still out of range for you.

Since you took the time to understand our business better, use this code for 10% off: SHIP10

If the price is still out of range, please text me your exact city and state state that you live in to 310-388-6729
That lets us know what cities we should hit next!

Love you,

We ship to every state except for Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi and Utah.

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