Our grandparents, mothers and fathers sacrificed safety and comfort to give us a life in this country. We’re proud to be Asian and we are proud to be American. Racists and bigots are never going to take our pride from us.

Change is coming. We are excited to do our part!

Our first contributions will start off in 2-phases:

1. 100% of our profits will be donated

From now until the end of May, for every box of Nectar sold, we will be donating 100% of our profits to a select local organization that empowers the Asian community.

We want to support local because we believe that they can make a direct impact, faster.

2. Buy a meal > Buy a box

We will be partnering with select local asian restaurants across the state and supplying them with Nectar. If you buy a full meal you will also be allowed to buy a box!

COVID isn’t over and these businesses still need help!

If you can’t afford both please just buy a meal and bring some friends.


Cross Street Chicken
4403 Convoy St
San Diego, CA
Supannee House of Thai
2907 Shelter Island Dr
San Diego, CA
Socal Sushi
3454 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA

We are still doing our research of what the most effective organizations are. If you have any great suggestions for organizations or restaurants please text us: